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008 Introduction to Small Wastewater Systems - October 18-21, 2021 - Dimond Center Hotel - Anch


This is the official introductory course for Alaskan small wastewater systems operations and maintenance. This course is accredited for 3.0 CEU’s and qualifies the student to take ADEC Provisional Level 1 certification exams.

All persons applying for Provisional exams must have a high school diploma or GED certificate. Provisional exams require that an operator have at least three FULL TIME months of operations experience OR completion of an approved training course such as Introduction to Alaskan Water Systems.

Exam applications will be filled out during the class and the exams will be proctored on the last day of class.

All exam fees ($150 per exam) should be remitted to NTL along with the class registration fees. NTL will take care of all submittals and remittance to the State of Alaska.

The two exams available for the Introduction to Alaskan Wastewater Systems Class are:

• Wastewater Collection, Provisional Level 1

• Wastewater Treatment, Provisional Level 1

A Provisional Level 1 certificate will be issued to any person who passes the exam with a 70% or higher score at an approved course. Provisional certification can be upgraded to Level 1 certification without further testing once operators meet the Level 1 eligibility requirements. Operators must apply to ADEC for the upgrade by presenting evidence of 1,950 hours of appropriate operational experience. Applications for upgrade of provisional certificates to level 1 will be reviewed four times per year at dates published on the ADEC statewide training calendar.


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