Understanding Water

NTL Alaska, Inc. (NTL) is an Alaskan-owned small business that offers water and wastewater consultation and operator training services throughout Alaska. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Certified water and wastewater operator training classes, including both publicly offered and onsite contract training for utilities and other companies or agencies. Our training programs include potable water treatment and distribution systems operations, and wastewater treatment and collection systems operations from basic through advanced levels. We also provide certification exam review and specialty classes in such areas as package wastewater plant operation, water and wastewater treatment system startup with special instruction in jar testing and analytical instrument calibration and operation, wastewater biosolids processing, and a variety of other topics. Our classes are offered as Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) continuing education unit (CEU) approved programs that apply to operator certification requirements. Our classes are instructed by Michael R. Pollen, President of NTL, who has over 34 years of professional water and wastewater systems consulting and training experience in Alaska, and is the author of several training manuals used throughout Alaska.

  • Water and wastewater system startup, inspection, and troubleshooting services including process upset analysis. These services can often be integrated into a training exercise for the operations personnel, with associated ADEC CEUs toward operator certification.

  • Services for potable water systems including ADEC approved potable water system sanitary surveys, corrosion desktop studies for compliance with the ADEC Lead and Copper Rule, and preparation of Consumer Confidence Reports.

  • Bench and pilot scale testing of water and wastewater treatment processes. This can be performed either as a prior design study for a new source, or as a process upgrade for an existing system. Our testing equipment includes a variety of filtration columns, membrane systems, jar test apparatus, and associated field-testing instrumentation. Consultation services for assistance with treatment process selection are also available.

  • Assistance with ADEC and Environmental Protection Agency wastewater discharge permit applications.

  • Third-party independent field sampling services for water and wastewater systems, including water quality assessments for outfalls and mixing zones.

The focus of our expertise is on water and wastewater systems from source development for potable water systems through effluent mixing zone monitoring for wastewater discharges. NTL is Alaska’s largest private provider of certified water and wastewater operator training services.

Our onsite training and consultation services have spanned the entire breadth of Alaska from the North Slope, to the Aleutian Islands, Southeastern Alaska, the Kenai Peninsula, and the Interior.